Invisalign Attachments: What You Should Know About Them

By Team Smile Club Köln / 05.04.2021

Invisalign attachments: everything you need to know about the attachments of the invisible trays. Frequently asked questions answered:

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Invisalign is the market leader in clear braces. With the aligner method you can perform orthodontic teeth correction without wearing metal braces. Important for the movement of the teeth, which takes place with the help of changing the aligners, is the attachment of attachments. Invisalign attachments are small fasteners made of composites (a tooth-like substance). They make tooth movement faster, easier and more efficient during Invisalign treatment. Attachments can allow for heavy movement, such as tooth rotation. They act as an anchor that the aligner grips to accomplish the movement. Attachments can provide the precise pressure needed for tooth movement. In addition, an attachment can ensure that the movement occurs without unnecessary "in-between" movements.

How many attachments are needed?
The number of attachments is completely individual and adapted to each treatment. It may be that no attachments are needed at all, or that attachments are placed a few months after the start of your treatment because they are only relevant for a later tooth movement.

Invisalign without attachments
Invisalign therapy can also be performed without attachments. For some malocclusions, no attachments are needed at all. But also at your request we can plan your treatment without attachments or schedule it for a later time. For example, if your wedding is coming up and you do not want to have any attachments for the first splints, this can be taken into account in the planning. In most cases, treatment without attachments means that more trays are needed to achieve the desired result. During a non-binding consultation we can give you more information about whether attachments are necessary for your treatment.

Are the Invisalign attachments visible?
The attachments come in different shapes and they are carefully modeled according to the tooth movement. The color of the attachments is matched to your own tooth color. This way, the attachments are barely visible. They are not noticeable under the Invisalign trays, only when you look closer without the aligners you can see the small dots on the teeth.

Attachments from the inside
An alternative option of attaching Invisalign attachments is to glue them from the inside. This way, the small dots can be cleverly hidden while still doing their job efficiently. Gluing the attachments from the inside is not suitable for every treatment. Some malocclusions do not offer the space for attaching from the inside. Please discuss this with your doctor personally. There are also additional costs for attaching the attachments from the inside, you can find them here on our site under Add Ons.

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Invisalign Attachment Technology
The special attachments of Invisalign differ from the attachments of other aligner providers. They are just one of the many advantages that other manufacturers cannot imitate. This is because Invisalign has sole implementation rights to their unique technology and 660 other special features. Without the attachments from Invisalign, many movements cannot be implemented as effectively. Also, the duration of treatment is usually longer without attachments. Likewise, studies and years of Invisalign research have shown that complex cases cannot be corrected without the patented small points. This innovative technology sets Invisalign apart from other aligner providers and can correct complex misaligned teeth as an orthodontic therapy. 

Lost Invisalign attachments - what to do?
An Invisalign attachment can get lost in rare cases. Usually, this is because some saliva got between the tooth and the adhesive during the attachment bonding process and the attachment could not adhere completely. Basically, this is not a big deal, it can be reattached. Inform your dentist and he will order a new template so that the lost attachment can be glued again.

Invisalign attachments - discoloration what to do?
Some foods such as turmeric, curry or blueberries can leave small discolorations on the attachments. If the discoloration cannot be removed with your usual dental care, you should book an appointment at the office. The team in charge can easily remove these discolorations on the spot.

Removing Invisalign attachments - When are the attachments removed?
After the successful completion of your treatment, the attachments will be removed from your teeth. Now you are probably asking yourself: Does this leave any traces? We can reassure you that the attachments will not leave any residue on your teeth. Your dentist will remove the attachments in such a way that no residue of the composite or the adhesive remains on your teeth. The application and removal of the attachments does not harm your teeth and is not harmful to your teeth.

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